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Thermal Sheet

Want the saving of solar panels with out the cost of them?

Have you ever looked at your thermostat & frowned because the temperature is not what you want it to be? Do you struggle with keeping the cold air in during hot months, & the warm air in during the cold ones? Or, how about that power bill? Sick of seeing it increase month by month? Surprisingly enough, this is a common problem across all homeowners in the Treasure Valley. 

Here in Idaho, we are a 4 season state, meaning we get all 4 seasons for a sector of 3 months. We get all the extreme heat, to the extreme cold, to the blissful spring days & cozy fall ones. This means your roof over your head, protecting you & your family, or running your business, is thrown through the ringer every day. Protecting you & fighting against all kinds of weather year round. 

Solar panels are a fantastic way to eventually save money on the cost it takes to keep your home running. The key is, eventually, most cases involving solar panels its take about 10-20 years for your investment to even pay off, & its not a cheap investment. Theres a few factors that you should keep in mind when thinking about, or installing solar panels. Step #1 is to make sure your roof is not old & needing replacement soon. This saves you the cost of having to pay to install solar panels, uninstall them, replace your roof, then pay once more to reinstall on your new roof. Homeowners have found it beneficial to upgrade parts of their roofing system all together, saving unnecessary costs & headaches. 

While Solar panels are the #1 leading energy efficient saver, there is other options available to homeowners, more cost efficient & sooner return on investments. Hawaiian Built Roofing exclusively installs a product called Thermal Sheet. This gives homeowners the savings of solar panels, with out the cost of them. It doubles as an underlayment & insulation for your roof, its applied under neath the shingles during replacement, & your savings begin as soon as its installed. 

Its a Thermal Sheet, so its allows your home to breathe better during the hot months, keeping that cool air inside the home, allowing the hot air to escape, making your roof breathe deep! During winter months, its keeping the warm air in, to allow your home regulate temperatures with out cranking up the ac or heater. It helps your roof vent while saving costs of using power & electricity. Its also compatible with solar panels, hence, you are still able to get major savings while saving up to spend the extra finances to invest in solar panels. 

Its important for homeowners to be educated on other options & products available to them. Its surprisingly effortless to fall susceptible to someone knocking on your door & selling your all your dreams with a ribbon on it. As a new generation of homeowners begin to make their way into the next age group of consumers, its apparent to be educated to create smart consumers. 

As a new generation makes their way into the exciting world of being a homeowner, we want to provide as much information as we can to anyone who may be looking to gain some insight from professionals who want to help people. Thinking about buying a home, a new roof, or even new car is such a major decision, being a smart consumer will help save the most capital while getting quality products & service. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this & educate yourself on other options you can treat yourself too!

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