Before getting skylights!

What is needed to know before getting skylights!

What is needed to know before getting skylights!

Before investing in skylights for your home, there are some things to take into consideration. Skylights can be a great addition to your home, providing natural light & ventilation, but they also come with some potential challenges. Here is a list to consider before taking the jump!

1. ROOF CONDITION: Depending on the condition of you roof, if its old or needs repairs its best to address those concerns first. It will be easier to replace the roof, then add a skylight during the installation process of the new roof. 

2. PLACEMENT: Carefully consider where you want the installation of the skylights to occur. The placement should maximize on the natural light while minimizing excessive heat or glares. The orientation & angle can affect the ability to provide light throughout the whole day. 

3. TYPES OF SKYLIGHTS: There are a variety of different skylights such as fixed, vented or functioning, & tubular skylights. Fixed are for the natural light only, vented & functioning can actually open for ventilation. Tubular skylights are also known as "solar sun tubes" its a cylinder type of skylight usually used in hallways & bathroom about the same circumference of a hallway light. 

4. SIZE & NUMBER: Decide on the number & size of skylights wanted. Consider the size of the room, the amount of natural light wanted. Keep in consideration that the larger the skylight, the larger amount of natural light as well as possible heat gain. 

5. ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Looking for energy efficient skylights with LOW E Coatings, multiple glazing layers & insulated frames can help with energy efficiency, helping to reduce heat loss in the winter & heat gain in the summer. 

6. LOCAL BUILDING CODES & PERMITS: Check with your local building department to understand the regulations & permits required for skylight installation in your area. Compliance with building codes is crucial for safety & legal reasons. (IF IN AN HOA DOUBLE CHECK THEY ALLOW IT!!) 

7. WATERPROOFING & FLASHING: Proper installation & waterproofing are crucial to prevent leaks. Skylights should be flashed & sealed correctly to guarantee they don't become a source of water intrusion. 

8. INSTALLATION PROFESSIONAL: THIS IS NOT A DIY PROJECT!!! It is necessary to hire a professional roofing contractor. They will install it properly, waterproof correctly & follow all local codes. Most importantly the work should be guaranteed & warrantied. 

9. VENTILATION & SHADES: Consider whether you want your skylight to provide ventilation. Some skylight can be opened, allowing air circulation. You may also want to install shades or blinds to control the amount of light & heat that enters the room. 

10. MAINTENANCE: Skylights require maintenance regularly to ensure they function properly. Cleaning the glass, checking for leaks & inspecting seals are an essential task. Best done by a professional. 

11. COSTS: Skylights can vary significantly in price depending on the type, size, & features you choose. Factors in the cost of materials, installation & any additional features like blind or remote controls. 

12. WARRANTY: Check the warranty offered by the skylight manufacture & the installer. A good warranty can provide peace of mind in case of any issues or problems. 

Taking the time to carefully consider these factors & consulting with a professional can help ensure that your skylight installation is successful & enhances your homes aesthetics & functionality. 

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