Should I be home during my roof replacement?

It's entirely the homeowner's decision! If there is a working phone number available, there is no reason to inconvenience the homeowners! 

If the plan is to stay at home, it's important to make note that noise level will be certainly high during the production process. Nap times, pets phone calls, or video chats are most likely impacted by the noise level. While we understand it is a nuisance to the homeowner, we also understand there is no way around the noise level. 

We sometimes suggest homeowners working nights or with special conditions make outside arrangements to make sure they get the shut eye they need, while we put on the beautiful new roof! 

While we do our very best to make sure homes in construction mode remain clean during production, there still may be loose or stay nails or shingles etc. It's always in our interest to make sure you & your animals are safe, so when entering/exiting, don't hesitate to ask to be made a path if its necessary! 

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