Winterize your home check list!

Winterize Your Roof: Checklist! ?

Winterize Your Roof: Checklist! ✓

Preparing your roof for the harsh winters is important to help prevent ice dams, roof damage, & heat loss. This checklist helps homeowners know the necessary steps to ensure their home protects them through the winters! 

1. GUTTERS: Remove any debris in the gutters, & any obstructions to ensure the water is able to drain properly. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dam formations. Ice dams are best to avoid. 

2. INSPECT THE ROOF SHINGLES: Check for damaged or missing shingles, if there is any present, they need to be changed out before the winter hits. If the shingles are not properly installed in the roof, weak spots or leaks will occur during winter. 

3. CHECK FLASHINGS: Check flashings around the chimney if applicable. Make sure to check those vents, pipes, & skylights. Replacing any damaged flashings will prevent water intrusion. 

4. TRIM OVERHANGING BRANCHES: Tree branches hanging over or near the roof need to trimmed to prevent any damage from falling branches or excessive snow accumulation. 

5. SEAL ROOF PENETRATIONS: Inspect & seal any gaps or openings around the roof vents, pipes & or skylights to prevent drafts & heat loss. 

6. ATTIC INSULATION & VENTILATION: Make sure your attic is properly insulated & ventilated to prevent ice dam formation. If the roof is breathing properly, its able to maintain a consistent temperature on your roof, reducing the risk of melting & refreezing!! 

7.CHIMNEY INSPECTION:  If there is a chimney present, inspecting & cleaning it will ensure its safe to use & in good working conditions for winter use. 

8. ROOF SNOW REMOVAL PLAN: Developing a plan for safely removing heavy snow accumulation, especially important if the roof is steeper or in an area with heavy heavy snowfall. 

9. CHECK FOR ROOF LEAKS: If there is any known or current leaks, those need to be changed before winter hits to prevent any further damage. Check the ceiling & attic for any new leaks as well. 

10. SCHEDULE PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION: Its always best to have a professional preform these tasks for you, but considering budget, that is not available for everyone. A professional is going to be able to preform all of those tasks for you with guarantees & warranties. 

Remember, safety is the more important consideration when working on a roof, especially during or before winter. If the roof is too steep to access, its best to hire a professional roofer able to handle the winterization process. Maintaining the home regularly can help protect the roof & home during those cold months!! 

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