Metal Roof Restoration Alternative for Your Commercial Metal Roof

When planning a total roof replacement, be aware you have to shut the doors. That means that if you have your own business and plan to replace your roof, your business operations will slow down for a while, and that can cost you money and time. A great stopgap could be localized metal roof repair jobs, but that can’t solve the long-term problem. Who wouldn’t be happier if a long-term solution still exists?

Installing a metal roof means including some new factors except, for example, an asphalt and rubber-based roofs. A good example is great amounts of contraction, expansion, rust or a surface which is painted but not conducive to being coated (for example, some oil-based enamel types of paints with a smooth finish, lap joints, and screw). Be sure to keep in mind all of these issues when picking a new coating for your roof because it has to be able to handle all of it.

Using Quality Roof Coatings to Protect Your Roof

Another serious question to reconsider is a quality of the roof coating when it stops the leaks only for several years. Ask yourself – can you really save more money if you need to replace your coat every time a single leak occurs? You can’t avoid the delamination of a roofing coat which strips the roof to the bare metal. That issue can bring a lot of problems if not fixed on time which means that can also cost you a lot of money.

You know what we are talking about if you already had that kind of roofing problems. Also, you probably already used some ineffective coating for your damaged roof but haven’t successfully solved the problem with the reoccurring leaks on the roof.

Getting a Quality Roof Coating for Your Metal Roof

Our Conklin commercial roof contractor members are installing roofing coating systems which immediately improve the durability and life of all commercial roofs. By installing those coats, the building’s overhead will be enhanced with a seamless waterproofing which will make the roof energy-efficient. Also, it will protect your building and roof from all the outdoor (often dangerous) elements.

Conklin Metal Roof Coating Restoration System

If you are seriously thinking about investing a lot in replacing your metal roof with a new one, be sure to ask a Conklin roofing contractor to check it out before. There is a great possibility it can be renewed by using a Conklin’s high-performance Metal Roof Restoration (MR) System.

The MR Restoration System we use reflects the most of the heat waves coming from the Sun with its white top coating. That means that building holds their natural fresh and stay cooler. The result is much lower air conditioning costs which can be cut down to almost 30 percent.

Be aware that the Conklin’s mission is providing you – the building owners with the best liquid applied metal roofing coating systems that can be found in the roofing industry!