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Get to know your sales lead!

Israel(Izzy, 22) is one of Kenny and Sandra’s Son, he started when he was young, picking up trash and cleaning the grounds. Of course at that point it was to make some extra spending money, he states “I knew it was something I was interested in, but I was unaware of the big career it would eventually form into.” Right out of High school he decided to join the company full time as a laborer. As he grew out of that position, we were able to open other opportunities for him.

Israel has a very special talent as a sales lead, as he actually worked on installing the roofs, and has a natural knack for explaining roofing in a way that people who have no knowledge about it can understand. He always leaves the home with something to take away, he is not just there to sell. He is there to give our customers peace of mind knowing they went with a qualified company that truly cares about them. “Life is about connections!” – Israel. 

He worked in the field and as the company grew, so did he. He is now the sales lead of Hawaiian Built Roofing, giving each client the time to talk about concerns, questions & everything else under the sun! Israel is truly a MVP in our growing company. 

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