Get to know Sandra - Hawaiian Built Roofing

Get to know Sandra

Get to know the VP of our company!

Sandra(45) is currently the VP of the company, owner & operator. She was always a working woman, when she married Kenny and started the family, she was working at a rental furniture store while Kenny would be working. She would send him on little handyman tasks for customers at her store + his own jobs he would find. They got the idea to start their own roofing company, eventually she left the furniture store to run Hawaiian Built Roofing full time. She is now our top seller and a crown champion, seller of 2 million!!

Sandra has always prided herself on her awesome customer service skills! She is the one handling objections & fixing any mistakes! She is the first line of the company, meaning she is the first voice you hear when inquiring at Hawaiian Built Roofing. Rest assured any questions asked, Sandra has the answer too! Out of the 100+ reviews on google, 70% mention Sandras knack for customer service. 

As our only Crown Champion of 2 Million in 2022, Sandra deserves a special shout out for all the hard work!! THANK YOU SANDRA!  

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