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How to get solar panels

When debating on the options of getting solar panels or not, there is many things to consider than just the savings it would eventually provide. Believe it or not, solar panel companies are okay with putting panels on an old roof! It may not seem like an issue to begin with. However, when it comes time to replace the roof, the customer ends up paying to have the panels taken off to replace the roof, then reinstallation on the new roof. 

The average cost of removing panels is usually around $5k, then another to reinstall after the roof is replaced. Most reputable solar companies will notify homeowners on if the roof should be replaced before panels are installed, not all companies partake in that process however. 

Solar panels are the #1 energy efficient product, however there is other options available to homeowners who do not want to invest in solar panels. There is alternative options such as, Thermal Shield, solar efficient shingles, & solar siding. There is so many new ways to make your home energy efficient, protect your largest investment(your home) & to save that $ when it comes to bills!! 

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