Overhead Care Club

Overhead Care Club

What Is The Overhead Care Club?

We understand what it’s like trying to keep your head above water financially while taking care of a home, family, business, or all three. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, things you know need to get done, such as roofing maintenance, get placed on the backburner until something bad happens. Unfortunately, by then, something that you may have been able to prevent with regular maintenance has snowballed into severe damage that will be more expensive to repair than you can afford.

The Overhead Care Club is designed to prevent homeowners from being stuck with expensive roofing repairs that could have been avoided with regular maintenance. It is an affordable preventative maintenance program that gives homeowners peace of mind when it comes to their roof’s maintenance and repair needs.

  • “I would recommend them over, and over again. Even if it's not your lowest bid, they are worth every penny. They are great at what they do, and just great humans in general. They replaced my roof quickly, and cleaned up everything along the way.”

    Addie N.


 Benefits of The Overhead Care Club include:

  • The Roof-Care Advantage – This is an annual roof inspection that we provide to Overhead Care Club members for no additional charge. The service includes:
    • 17-Point Roof Check-Up and Attic Analysis ($129 value) – We will go into your attic and inspect the 17 most critical components of your roof to ensure your safety.
    • Skylight Cleaning (Up to a $233 value) – This service involves us climbing on your roof, inspecting it from the outside, and cleaning your skylights.
    • Large-Debris Removal (Up to a $233 value) – Throughout the year, sticks and other debris can collect on your roof, especially following storms. In addition to being unsightly, this type of debris can damage your roof over time. This service involves us going up onto your roof and removing debris (from up to 100 square feet of roof), helping to keep your roof beautiful and safe.
  • Clean Gutters – As a part of your membership, we will clean up to 150 square feet of your gutters annually (up to a $573 value).
  • Priority-Guaranteed Appointments – Overhead Care Club members jump to the front of line whenever they need roofing help, and we will be out to serve you within 24 hours of your call.
  • Exclusive 10 Percent Repair Discount – If an Overhead Care Club member’s roof needs repair, they will receive an exclusive members-only 10 percent discount on any roofing repair services we perform for them.
  • Reduced Service Fee – Overhead Care Club members only pay a reduced service fee of $19.95.

To top it all off, membership in The Overhead Care Club only costs $14.95 a month!

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