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Benefits of metal Roofing on your commercial building

When adding roofing to your commercial building, some materials have more benefits than others. Metal roofs, for instance, can have some significant benefits that are worth considering.

1. Longer Lasting

Metal roofs are some of the longest-lasting that you can invest in, with many lasting 30 years on average. However, some can even last upwards of 50 years, depending on the shape of your roof, the installation, and the type of metal used. For example, flat roofs, with proper maintenance, usually last over 20 years. However, if you’re in an area that doesn’t have a lot of snow that builds up in the winter, this can be extended as you don’t have to worry about excess weight bearing down on it.

2. Low Maintenance

In addition to lasting for a long time, metal commercial roofs are also very low maintenance. While you will still need to have it inspected by commercial roofers, the frequency will be much less than an asphalt roof. The most you’ll really need to do is touch it up if it gets scratched or wash it down. Aside from that, it’s almost maintenance-free.

3. Durable

Depending on your location, you can be subjected to an array of weather conditions throughout the year, and these can all take a toll on your roof. However, metal roofing is known to be able to stand up to almost anything including direct sun exposure, hail, heavy winds, and even fire.

4. Lower Energy Costs

Anything that saves your business money is a plus, and metal roofing can do just that. Traditional asphalt shingles can absorb heat and transfer it to the interior of your building, making it hotter. This can force your AC to have to work harder, pushing your energy bills higher. However, since metal roofs reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, the interior of your building will be kept much cooler, benefiting your staff and your energy expenses.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options that you can choose. Many metal roofs consist of between 30 to 60% recycled materials, and you can recycle your metal roof when it comes time to replace it, cutting down on your environmental impact.

If you are in need of a new roof for your commercial location, consider these five benefits that metal roofing can offer. You may also wish to speak with local commercial roofers such as Hawaiian Built Roofing for an estimate and to learn more about the type of metal roof that would be best for you.

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